Unpronounceables, Apostrophes and Foreign Accents are neck tattoos.

All of my blog entries are written from my own experience and perspective, and your own experience may vary. This blog assumes that its readers are fantasy writers at the beginning of their fantasy writing career, looking for advice on how to get published. A blog about writing for publication. Tkl’ept-íkãr reached for the Dać’summContinue reading “Unpronounceables, Apostrophes and Foreign Accents are neck tattoos.”

Here, it begins.

It has been a strange year. I’ve spent more than the last 15 years working on anonymously writing fantasy, and suddenly within the space of 2 months I’ve gone from tapping away at my keyboard with nobody around to hear or read anything I’ve written, to meeting with my agent, publishers, discussing book tours, coverContinue reading “Here, it begins.”