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March 2017

Editor Interview: Gillian Redfearn, Publishing Director at Gollancz

As part of my series based around getting published in the modern fantasy market, some of the lovely people at Gollancz have kindly agreed to allow me to interview them to talk about publishing. This will be the first of three, all of which are aimed towards writers who aspire towards publication. Continue reading “Editor Interview: Gillian Redfearn, Publishing Director at Gollancz”

What’s the best weapon for orc slaying?


What do you take into battle?

DISCLAIMER: Realism in fiction is not a requirement and I’m not suggesting that it is! For writers who want to write non-historical combat, or who want to write Lightsabres or Shardblades, this stuff just doesn’t matter. Write what you enjoy, write what you think is fun first and foremost.

A man stands facing the legion of dirty orcs as they slobber and growl, marching out of step as they approach the gates of the last free city. The man’s squire appears and offers you what’s probably the last weapon he’s ever going to hold.


What is your squire offering you?

Continue reading “What’s the best weapon for orc slaying?”

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