Mashup Giveaway – BLACKWING Advanced Reader Copy (closed)

Who wouldn’t like to read Mary Poppins vs. Predator?

I’m giving away a copy of Blackwing! One of these copies, specifically:

BW promo

If you would like to win a copy:

Blackwing has been described by one of my UK editors at Gollancz as “if Joe Abercrombie wrote characters in Scott Lynch’s world.” My US publishers, Ace, are describing Blackwing as “Game of Thrones meets Mad Max.”

To enter, simply reply below to tell me:

What two stories/franchises/IPs would you like to see crossed over to create the greatest book or movie of all time?

I will make a later blog post that lists the top ten. The one that I deem the best will receive a copy of Blackwing in the post!

The giveaway is open until Wednesday 3rd May at 2pm.

If you do enter and you are the lucky winner, the only other think that I’ll ask that you give me an honest review on Goodreads and Amazon. Now, what time does the pub open again?


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23 thoughts on “Mashup Giveaway – BLACKWING Advanced Reader Copy (closed)

  1. I think the Thieves’ World anthology would have almost endless possibilities for crossover to TV, pick and choose which stories and characters. As the stories were not overly long, a one hour episode could easily cover one or two.
    Second pick would be the Elric series; I could favor Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser for ease of adaptation to a more episode based production, but I would love to see Elric done right. Even after the original series wrapped up, future projects could include the other Eternal Champion stories.


  2. He-Man vs Alien.
    After a face hugger infects Skeletor, He-Man and his friends must track down a blue, skull faced xenomorph through the labyrinthine passages of Snake Mountain.


  3. Would love to see a film version of Gemmell’s Legend combined with Forrest Gump. I can imagine the dramatic musical score as Druss/Forrest runs (non stop) from his mountain retreat to Dros Delnoch just in time to save the Drenai stronghold from the Nadir horde. And yes I know I’m strange. 😁 ⛏


  4. Not sure if first time it worked, sorry if double-posting.

    Time Bandits with Star wars.

    Kevin is Luke Skywalker, the Supreme Being is the Emperor, and the dwarves are, of course, Ewoks!


  5. Breaking Bad set on Erikson’s Genabackis continent, specifically​ the free cities region. I feel Breaking Bad would gel with the brutality of the malaz world.

    I also love the idea of the star wars saga as a tolkeinesque traditional fantasy.


  6. I would love to see Frank Herbert’s Dune series mixed with Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman’s Rose of the Prophet series. Both are desert-based and religion-focused, so thematically they would pair nicely. I think it would be very entertaining to read about a society that is all about the power of humanity coupled with a society that deals with meddlesome gods and demi-gods.


  7. O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin characters encounter ‘The land that time forgot’ by Burroughs.


  8. Six of Crows and Gentlemen Bastard.

    I would love to see Kaz Brekker go up against Locke Lamora in an ultimate showdown of wits. Only one can survive.


  9. From a tightly held TV/Movie franchise that would make a great novel cross-over, Firefly would be a great candidate. It has all the elements for an “Expanse-like” treatment. Robin Hobb’s work would also make a great TV show. Give it to HBO.


  10. Could you imagine if Stephen King’s The Stand and The Walking Dead mashed up? I know we already have an apocalypse scenario in each, but fighting the antichrist AND the living dead? That’s one vamped up adventure thriller if you ask me! It would be great!


  11. Did you not already achieve this with your book? Game of Thrones meets Mad Max?

    In all seriousness, I definitely want a Mad Max and Aliens mash up. Let’s see the war boys take on the apex predator in the universe! Or should I not mention “predator” when talking about the xenomorphs? Word on the street is those two don’t get along these days.


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