Blackwing wins Best Debut of 2017 in the Awards

Short but extremely sweet.

I am thrilled to announce that Blackwing was voted Best Debut of 2017 by public vote in the awards.

It’s a real honour, not only because fan-voted awards mean a lot but the competition was stiff. I was pretty sure Nicholas Eames was going to beat us all to it, but sometimes the chips fall on your side of the table. In the end Blackwing clinched it with just a single vote.

A huge thank you to everybody that voted. You guys are awesome.



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2 thoughts on “Blackwing wins Best Debut of 2017 in the Awards

  1. Huge congratulations Ed
    You have followed your dream and it sounds like it’s all working out for you
    Well done !
    Heather (Jobson James)

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