Series Update: The Raven’s Mark

Just a quick update to say that CROWFALL, the third book in The Raven’s Mark series, is finished and with my publishers. I expect that I’ll get it back the week before Christmas (it seems to be a tradition) to do the edits, but for now, I’m done writing about Galharrow and the gang.

Will I go back to the world and the characters? That’s difficult to say. Really, that doesn’t come down to me. If I get asked to, then probably. But I will say that Galharrow’s story arc is all played through by the end of CROWFALL, and at the present time, I don’t envisage any further stories told through his point of view. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I can’t jump into the head of one of the other characters in the story and tell a tale from their perspective – but that will be a long way off, if it happens.

For now I’ve two other projects under way – one of which I’d describe as a military, frontline sorcery fantasy, and the other is a ‘lone-wolf swordsman’ kind of story that’s more like a modern thriller than a hero-epic. I can’t really go into further details about either just now, but hopefully I can bring some good news soon.

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  1. First, I’d like to say thank you to Ed McDonald for the first two books. I just finished Ravencry tonight. Very enjoyable stories and I’m glad to hear that there is a third coming out. I look forward to seeing future works.


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