Updates – CROWFALL & new project

Some various updates from the Misery and/or my brain, however those divide.


First up we have the UK edition cover for CROWFALL, which is due for release in June 2019. The cover is once again by Dan Smith of Bionic Graphics. You can follow him on Twitter @bionicgraphics.

I have to say that I love all three covers that Dan has brought to life and each one for different reasons. I hope you’ll agree, he has absolutely nailed it.

So, as for CROWFALL itself, it’s currently being edited and this week I’m going to mostly be working on that. It’s quite a strange experience, editing the end of the trilogy – when it’s signed off, that’s it for Galharrow and friends for the foreseeable future. Maybe one day I’ll be able to return to the world of the Nameless and the Deep Kings, but if it ever happens it will be some years down the line.

I don’t like to get to the end of something and not know where I’m going next, and so the next project is already underway. It has been a hard year in terms of getting to grips with something that I’ve really wanted to commit to writing for a possible three years or even more, and in some ways I was looking for answers in the wrong places. Finally however, I think that I can say that I know where I’m going next.

I’ll be sticking with epic fantasy, and I don’t think that I can help but write things to be pretty bleak, because frankly that’s my view of the world at large, let alone a pre-modern society, so the setting will again involve a world that has suffered calamity, though this time of a different sort. The major break away from The Raven’s Mark books, however, is that this book/series/whatever it becomes involves three points of view and is written in third person perspective. I’m finding it quite fun to write completely new characters, all of whom have managed to fully form themselves in my head pretty much without any effort, and for me, that’s generally the key. Galharrow, Nenn, Tnota, Valiya – I knew them all without thinking about it, and that sets a good standard for me. What I am trying at the moment is working on three very different character voices for each perspective, which isn’t something that I’ve seen much of in multi PoV third person books, so it’ll be an interesting exploration.

I can’t really mention this without talking about key themes. At the moment they are fire, demons, competition and infection. But that’s all I’m going to say for now.

A lot can change between the first 20k of a book and the final product, but I’m expecting this book to go long – maybe 200k words, maybe more. While that may not be ideal from a “sell your book” perspective, this is the book that I need to write, so it’s the one that’s going to get written. That, I feel, is more important to me than writing to make a sale.

Best of luck in getting finished to anyone who has been crashing on with NanoWriMo, you’re nearly there!

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  1. I admire your view of writing what needs writing rather than writing to make a sale. Funny thing is, I’ll put money on you make more sales that way. As as thick books go, publishers are dead wrong. I’ve never met anyone who said, “Yeah, give me a small book!” When we like a story or setting, we want more, not less.


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