Why I sucked at writing in my 20s

Last night I had the pleasure of chatting to a young writer and her dad after a Waterstones event, and it got me thinking about what advice I would give a 21 year old writer, who was really serious about seeing her book in print. Coincidentally, today I read a blog post by John Scalzi about why it’s more common to see writers debuting after they hit the age of 30. It’s a great piece and you can read it here:

Why New Novelists Are Kinda Old, or, Hey, Publishing is Slow

There was one aspect that I don’t think is touched upon, however, and so I’m going to focus on that here.

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Love in the time of Chimeras

The more that I’ve become part of SFF online communities recently, the more I’ve been surprised by what sometimes feels like a general aversion to, or even active dislike of, romance in fantasy novels.

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Dear Debut Authors of 2018

You’ve written a book. An agent loved it. Publishers loved it. You got an advance. You can live on it! Your book comes out to rave reviews. You’re interviewed in SFX and Sci-fi Now. You have a blog tour. You tour book shops. You go to conventions. You meet all your heroes. You go to GRRM’s party. You meet people in publishing, and they’re the best people you’ve ever met. You meet authors, and finally you can talk to someone who knows what it’s like.

Oh, and did I mention how dreadful things might just feel?

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BLACKWING Cover – Spain

Just a quick post to put up the Spanish cover from publisher Minotauro. I love the stark contrasts and that it gives a really modern feel rather. Brilliant stuff.

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Blackwing: LITFIC edition

Everyone knows that literary fiction is the best form of fiction and that popular books are written by mere hacks spouting garbage for the unwashed, illiterate masses who can barely understand a story, let alone a sentence that has taken 12 hours of deliberation. As such I am rewriting the whole of Blackwing into a more literary style. Here’s a taster.

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Nenn and Galharrow go Speed-Courting

Well, this might be the stupidest thing that I’ve ever written but what the hell. A Valentine’s Day inspired short about Nenn and Galharrow going speed-courting. Like the Christmas special, this is probably not canon…

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Editing your work: word redundancy

Having just finished the line edit for RAVENCRY, I’ve noticed that it has changed the way that I’m writing the draft of the next book in the Raven’s Mark series. Editing can sometimes feel like an isolated process, so I decided that I’d share the way that I’m approaching writing now.

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The cover letter that sold Blackwing

While I was going through some old files, I happened across the cover letter that I sent when I was submitting Blackwing. I thought that it be interesting to people to see it, so, here it is. It’s nothing flashy or that doesn’t go outside the kind of guidelines that you’d usually see, but well worth noting that I provided exactly what was asked for.

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World building, Diversity and Politics in Fantasy Writing

Well, lately the forums have been awash with discussions of diversity and politics in fantasy whether we’re talking about diversity of authors or characters.

This blog is going to deal with writing diverse characters from a world building perspective. I don’t have the data to discuss diversity of authors, so I won’t attempt to approach it, and others, with access to much better data, have already done a good job.

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