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Set the world on fire: How I bypass writer’s block

Writing advice time.

I was at the WriteIdea Festival in London last weekend and an audience member asked me and Tom Lloyd what to do when the dreaded writer’s block strikes. I figured that I’d share what works for me, and maybe if you occasionally slam into the creativity wall, it might work for you too.

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How to Approach & Talk to Authors: A handy guide

Guys, I don’t know if you know this, and there’s no easy way to say it, so I’m just going to say it clearly here:

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Writing Advice: First Chapter Checklist

This weekend I’m at Gollanczfest, where I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many writers who are either seeking publication, or have sent their work out to agents. It’s a great event, and I heartily recommend it. During one conversation with some authors-of-the-future we got chatting about the all important Chapter One.

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Blackwing wins Best Debut of 2017 in the Awards

Short but extremely sweet.

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Convention Do’s and Don’ts: A Guide for Authors

Having spent all summer bouncing from one convention to another, I have learned many wise things about surviving your conventions and making the most out of the experience. With Bristolcon looming, here are my top five tips!

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Writing Advice: Giving Critique Is King

I make no secret about the fact that I have written a bunch of pretty craptastic novels over the years. Strangely enough, it was using Reddit – notably the Fantasy Writers¬†subreddit that allowed me to write something that didn’t make me want to shoot myself.

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Five Fantasy Novels That Should be Made Into Movies

Fantasy often gets a bum outing at Hollywood. Maybe they’re just not choosing the right stories. Continue reading “Five Fantasy Novels That Should be Made Into Movies”

Grimdark: More Realistic?

Isn’t the whole point of fantasy that it’s not real?

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Hiring Editors and Traditional Publication – Data Survey

Ok so this is going to be a rather odd, and possibly contentious post about hiring an editor to help you with your unpublished manuscript. Continue reading “Hiring Editors and Traditional Publication – Data Survey”

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