Short Fiction & World Building

Here you’ll find free stories, world building, RPG resources and more related to the worlds created in the RAVEN’S MARK and REDWINTER series.

The Last Days of the Riven War

A 4,000 word piece of short fiction written in journal format, following the fate of one weary old soldier.

Last Day of the first season, the Second Year of the Wishing Star

Another two men, dead, this morning. That brings the total to twelve. The Mawleth always takes two. Always in pairs. Kills them. Skins them. Hangs them so that they’ll be discovered come dawn. We sleep in groups of ten or more. Somehow, it still gets in.

The Battle for Ashwell – a 5th edition adventure for Dungeons and Dragons

The Battle for Ashwell is an adventure module for use with Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition rules. The module is designed for a party of four to five 1st level characters, and can be played as a satisfying one-shot adventure, or as the launching point for an ongoing campaign set in the world of Galled Thrane.

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