Books by Ed McDonald

blackwing_2The first novel in The Raven’s Mark series, BLACKWING, was published in 2017.

Back when I wore a uniform, the marshal told me only three kinds of people willingly enter the Misery: the desperate, the stupid, and the greedy.
The sympathisers were desperate enough. I gathered a dozen stupid, greedy men and set out to kill them.

The Raven’s Mark is a series of three fantasy novels, set on the edge of a post apocalyptic wasteland where nothing is ever quite what it seems, where directions change without warning, faces call up from the sand and twisted magic warps everything that passes over it. The world stands on the brink of annihilation by terrible, ancient beings who have waged a relentless war against the Nameless sorcerers – no less terrible, no less ancient – who stand against them. Only the Engine, a vast doomsday weapon of terrible power, holds the enemy back across the wastes. And now, that weapon has failed.

Ryhalt Galharrow – penniless, disgraced, and forced to act as an agent of the Nameless – stands alone. Or he wishes he does, the day that the raven tattooed across his arm tears itself free and gives him an order that could hold back the darkness.  Ezabeth Tanza, a mathematician and light-spinner, holds the key to survival. Or so she believes. Together, they must navigate a hard, cold world that seeks to end them.

BLACKWING is followed by RAVENCRY, and the series concludes with CROWFALL.

“The end is coming, and we both know how this will finish. With terror and death and Dhojaran soldiers trampling the fields, the marks of the Deep Kings upon the people. Harden your heart against such soft longing. We can neither of us afford it.”

– Ezabeth Tanza