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Those who see the dead soon join them.

Raine is a young woman on the run – from the cruelty of those that profess to love her, and from those who would control her. Trapped in a besieged monastery and desperate to save her makeshift family, Raine begins to discover that the secret she has carried all her life is about to bring more danger down on her than ever before. Harran is a cold, hard country of desolate moorland and the barrows of things better left unearthed, but it is not just what Raine knows, but what she can see that follows her. For Raine is cursed with the ability to see the spirits of the dead, and would be called spirit sighted, a nightcrafter, a witch even by those that care for her if only they knew. And if you can see the dead, you’ll soon join them . . .

Something flowed from his fingers and into my skull, cutting, like a knife paring through me. My scream mimicked the shape that seared across my mind,  a canyon gouged a thousand feet deep and filled with flame, a raging, cauterising glow. And then it drew closed, sealing, walls crashing shut. I heard the thunder of his trance as four Gates rose silent and hollow over the scar driven through my mind.

And then it was all gone. Gates, scar, fire. Just gone. And so was I.
 But I was not gone.
I was only just beginning.


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from Tor (United States) and Gollancz (United Kingdom)



Hope, sanity, humanity: the Misery takes them all.

A war centuries in the making lies in stalemate across the Misery, a vast wasteland blasted into being when the Nameless tore open the sky.

Ryhalt Galharrow might have preferred to spend his remaining years drowning his past in a brandy bottle, but the republic faces annihilation and he never did like losing. When a raven tattoo rips itself from his arm to deliver a desperate message, Galharrow races to protect a mysterious woman who commands power in more ways than one. Together they discover that the towering Engine, a weapon that brought stalemate to eighty years of war, may have failed – and with its failure, the republic’s destruction approaches.  Even as they come under attack from dark immortals, they uncover a conspiracy within the citadel: traitors, flesh-eaters and the ghosts of the wastelands seek to destroy them, but if they cannot solve an ancient wizard’s paradox, the Deep Kings will take their terrible vengeance, and all will be lost.

“Original world-building and unforgettable characters make Blackwing a dark, powerful debut.” – Brian Staveley, author of Skullsworn

Blackwing quickly gained the rare distinction of being one of those books that felt as if it had been written especially for me…Ed McDonald handles the action with a deft hand and has created a compelling central character who remains likeable despite a lengthy list of flaws. A remarkably assured fantasy debut that mixes of the inventiveness of China Miéville with the fast-paced heroics of David Gemmell.”—Anthony Ryan, New York Times bestselling author of The Legion of Flame

Blackwing is potent, gritty, bloody, and splendid.”—Faith Hunter, New York Times bestselling author of Cold Reign

Blackwing is a bloody, gritty fantasy novel that manages not to sacrifice its heart.  I love the world, which feel strange and lived-in, and strength of the voice is fantastic.  Fans of Glen Cook’s The Black Company or Joe Abercrombie’s The First Law series will be very happy with this one.” – Django Wexler, author of The Guns of Empire

“This is an astonishingly accomplished debut – McDonald is definitely one to watch.” – Peter Mclean, author of Priest of Bones

“A real page turner? Check. Grizzled old soldier protagonist with regrets, a drink problem and a heart of gold? Check. Fiendish layered conspiracy for our Captain Galharrow to uncover? Check.
I heartily recommend this.” – Adrian Selby, author of Snakewood

RAVENCRY continues the story begun in BLACKWING, and the trilogy concludes with CROWFALL, all books out now in hardback, paperback, eBook, and audiobook formats.

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